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Do brand alerts deliver new sales? Find out with a free trial…

Find out how email brand alerts can boost sales with a free trial.  If we are finding and alerting you to information about brands that you’ve been missing, then let’s talk further.

Just contact us by filling in the form below, and we’ll arrange to set up the trial so you can see how the system works in real time – all at no cost for genuine enquiries.

Finding and promoting the images containing identifiable brands amongst a huge stream of new images is a time-consuming process which can hold back sales people and image buyers alike.  Not to mention the cost of doing the work.  Our email Brand Alerts offer the following service to boost image sales:

– Our front-line staff will look through your image stream as the pictures are received 24/7, and create brand alerts immediately to email to your salespeople and/or your customers

– If the service is properly integrated into the image workflow, the brand alerts can be sent out before the images even appear on your web site or on aggregators’ sites

– Images within the email alerts are downsized and watermarked with your logo for copyright protection

– The brand alerts can carry your logo and standard terms and conditions and disclaimers

– Special email alerts highlighting round-ups/lightboxes created for specific events brands or designers can be created based on customer requests

– Emails can be sent to a nominated list of your customers using blind email addresses via an SMTP service designed to avoid being blocked by spam filters

– Brand images found, including those from previous days and weeks, are also available to be viewed and shared online via a web browser or with a mobile app

– The volume of brand alerts can be controlled with budget and/or time limits

To find out about pricing for this service, click here.

Display alerts on your web site too

As an extra or alternative service, have our staff add brand alerts directly to your web site via a slider, call-to-action panel or click-through box.  Ask us about the possibilities when filling out the form below.

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