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New Revenue Streams Using Celebrity Images with Brand Links

Many celebrity, news and sports photo agencies have a wealth of images which contain brand associations.  In most cases, those associations are going unnoticed and unsold.  BrandKeywording.Com can change all that, and unlock new ways of making money through native advertising, PR use and “get the look” advertorial features.  Not just with fashion items, but by taking advantage of the many possibilities presented by other types of products – from baby bottles to sports cars.


Designer and mainstream labels from the street and the red carpet


Everything from costume to the most expensive jewels


Sunglasses, spectacles, goggles and more

Handbags & luggage

On the town or at the airport – the smallest clutch to the largest suitcase

Personal electronics

Mobile phones, MP3 players, fitness monitors – even boomboxes

Food, drink, dining

Champagne to takeaways, restaurants to hotdog stands – everything food and beverage related

Musical equipment

All the instruments you can play, from guitars and amplifiers to trombones and clarinets


Luxury cars and environmentally friendly hybrids to four-wheel drives and trucks

Pet products

An increasingly diverse range of pet carriers, coats, collars and even jewelry

Baby products

Strollers, prams, baby bottles, shawls and more

Swim & beachwear

Stylish one-piece suits to boardshorts and bikinis

Sports and fitness

Gym gear, bicycles, tennis rackets, surfboards and more

Making It Happen

Being able to identify brands within celebrity, news and sports images can create revenue in a number of ways.  The traditional avenue has been to assist fashion editors and bloggers needing to find and license images to illustrate fashion trends and the work of particular designers.  But increasingly the trend is to license images to public relations firms, brand managers or advertising agencies.  In turn, these companies make their money by launching social media campaigns and supporting native advertising with authentic images of real celebrity news.  Native advertising, supported by such “real” images, is beginning to take over from the far more expensive and difficult-to-organise product placement services.  This is even more so due to the growth of adblocking software and the scandal of click-through fraud. Depending on the volume of images there are three different types of services available from BrandKeywording.Com.

  • Identifying and keywording brands within images to enable existing sales teams to increase their success
  • Supporting sales with Front Line Image Alerts sent to your sales people and/or potential buyers immediately the brand images are identified from new production
  • Making brand image sales on a commission basis on behalf of the image agency
  • Providing URL links to brands in celebrity images for “get the look” and similar features
  • Working with retailers to utilise celebrity brand images to boost online sales

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Cashing In On Nostalgia

As well as the obvious brand connections to be found from the latest red carpet event, or candid images of a star using her MP3 player, there is an increasing trend to utilise images of brands from previous decades.  These images can be used to illustrate the longevity and quality of the product, as well as assisting associations with celebrities who appeal to older age groups.  They can also be used in special nostalgia publications such as the history of the World Cup or guitar bands through the years, with the sponsor’s products prominently displayed within images illustrating the magazine, book, web site or app.

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Database Support – Valuable Reports

To make it easier for clients to make use of the brand connections uncovered, the image information is stored in a database which links to records of relevant PR firms.  This can also enable the identification of trends at the celebrity and brand levels.

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